The End

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Once again and staying faithful to our vocation to contribute with animation´s world, we have developed and produced a new short film called The End.

This new short film defines itself as a window into the inner life of Pierre and Amparo, a couple of grandparents who have gone through life holding each other. The end is certainly an ode to true love.

The production has take six months, and everyone in Hampa has work really hard to make it true. Once again we had the enormous pleasure of having in the team Iván Lopis and Banjo Music creating and recording the original sound track, Javier Tatay completely dedicated to a careful and detailed Postproduction and Ferran Brooks as photography director. In this short Diana Rodriguez has participated as co-director, working on the creative direction hand by hand with Alex Cervantes, parking temporarily her role as producer.



The End is not only the result of a clear experimental aim and mixed animation techniques, it is also the result of the collaborative and cooperative work of all the team in every single process.

The entire team, led by Alex Cervantes, has reviewed and discuss each step of the production: from script written by César Sabater, going through art, until the final edition; even when it were not their area of ​​expertise.

The result is a universal love story, more deep and honest; than it would have been if we had followed the production standards for create it.

It will be very soon on theaters, for the moment here is the trailer, hope you like it!


4 & A Half Friends

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A TV series of Edebe Audiovisual.

Charly and his friends love solving mysteries while facing the challenges of growing up. This unlikely group of junior detectives – and their dog – will stop at nothing to find and solve cases they uncover in and around their home town. And between the excitement, action and laughs, they’ll find out a bit about themselves and each other along.


Laika, Space Adventures

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The Space Race began in the 50’s.The USSR, USA, France and China, sent animals to outer space to experiment with them before sending human beings. Many of those animals never came back, and their countries considered them missing in action. This is what the world was told, but… sometimes history is not like it seems to be.


Las Aventuras de Fluvi

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Fluvi is a courageous and funny little drop of water. He will shape a greener and less polluted world with a little help from his friends.. Together with his faithful best friend Ica and their friends Nico and Laurita, they will live fantastic adventures to counterbalance the disasters caused by Sec.



Margarita (The Short Film)

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Margarita, inspired on Rubén Dario´s poem, is a lyrical short film where music, poetry and color fuse together to bring to life the story of a young princess who leaves behind her extraordinary life to follow her own dream.

It’s a journey full of hopes and dreams for all those brave people who want to shine and follow their own star.

Awards and Selections:
• Animadrid
• Animacor
• Animac
• Goya (nominados)
• 5th Athens AnimFest.
• I Tirant Avant
• Animabasauri-Animabasque.
• 14 Festival La Fila de Cortometrajes.
• Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega.
• SICAF 2010 Festival de animación de Seoul/Korea.
• Animamundi 2010.
• 15° Festival Internacional de Cine para Niños / MÉXICO.
• 7ª Muestra de Cine de Lavapiés.
• 8º Festival de Cine de Ponferrada.
• 5ª edición del Corto Festival DUNAS Fuerteventura.
• 6to Festival de Musica de Cine de Úbeda (Premios Jerry Goldsmith 2010).
• II Festival Internacional de Cortos de Gines.
• Sapporo International Short Film Fest. and Market 2010.
• 7th edition of ANONIMUL Int. Independent Film Festival.
• 26th Warsaw Film Festival.
• 21st Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival.
• La linterna Mágika.
• Muestra de Cortos el Tormo.
• Chicago International Film Festival.
• Festival TOFUZI / Best film for children.
• FIBABC / Festival iberoamericano de cortos ABC.
• Mostra de Valencia.
• Leuven Short Film Festival.
• Animasyros 3.0.
• 11th Totonto Latin media arts ALUCINE.
• Cinema film festival St. Louise.
• FICI (International Children and Youth Film Festival)
• Festival Quartmetratges


• 3D Wire

Un cortometraje de Hampa studio, con colaboración de:
• Ministerio de Cultura / ICAA
• RTVV / Radiotelevisión Valenciana
• Banjo Music
• RecLab
• IndigoMedia