Our Story

Hampa Studio has been establish officially as an Animation Studio since 2006, but our story really started at 1997 when we were born as an multimedia and illustration studio.

Hampa works with businesses and organizations throughout the world to create complete production and animation solutions to fit their needs. Our custom projects are built from scratch to maximize relevancy and usability for its users while looking great. Following the development process, our team makes sure that everything continues to function to the highest of standards.

We work to create a product that both we and our clients can be proud of and excels beyond their own expectations.

Our Skills

Art Development (Characters, Background design and Concept Art)


Preproduction (StoryBoards & Layouts)


Animation Production


Lighting, Render & Postproduction ( Compossiting, Color Correction & visual Fx)


Justin Bieber tolerance


Our Philosophy

Our fundamental target is to take every project as if it were the first time we do, always keeping in mind a rigorous processes, but trying to improve the quality, supervision and decision do it faster and better.

Nuestra Gente

In Hampa Studio we like to have people very involved and who loves above all animation and have great vocation for this profession. We have specialists in all areas of animation production, but we like to have new talents that always give a new approach to all production. From Hampa we like to have the opinion of all our colleagues, listen to everyone helps us to do different things each time and evolve.

We want to thank all the people working in each department Hampa Studio, for their effort and dedication, and send a big greeting to all those who have gone through this study leaving a part of their lives within these walls. Thank you!


Here we show a few examples of our recent works